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3 Common Mistakes You Could be Making With Your Beard.

It looks effortless to groom your beard, right? Grab some soap, give it a good lather, rinse it off, and continue your day. As simple as this is, there are some things you have been doing wrongly with your beard grooming and we have a few adjustments you can make to improve the condition of your beard.

You Could Be Washing Incorrectly

Do not even consider washing your face with that bar of soap. The harsh chemicals in most bath soaps are too strong for the skin and facial hair on your face. You must have noticed sometimes after taking a shower, your skin feels dry or itchy. The Soap is to blame. Change to a wash like Groomed Dual Purpose Beard Shampoo, which is mainly made to care for your beard. It will eliminate dirt and filth from your skin and beard without harming the pH balance or microbiota of your skin.

You Have Been Using The Wrong Temperature

We all enjoy taking a hot, steamy shower. However, if the water is too hot, it may dry up your skin, thereby drying your beard too and resulting in frizz. Also, if the water is too cold, it will prevent your pores from opening, thereby, not giving room for the beard care products you use afterwards to penetrate and act accordingly. To avoid these, the ideal water temperature to use is lukewarm or room temperature.

Avoid Over/Under Washing Your Beard

Daily facial cleansing is recommended. Washing twice daily is recommended for people with excessively oily skin. Your skin may get dry from overwashing and create more oil to compensate for the loss. After that, you could feel the need to wash more, which can start a vicious cycle of overwashing and excessive oil production that eventually results in skin irritation and possibly ripping your beard of moisture and affecting the quality of your beard.

On your skin, dirt and toxins build up throughout the course of the day, some of which actually hasten the ageing process. Always keep in mind that you want to wash just enough to remove the day’s grime. Lack of washing can result in blocked pores, breakouts, and tired, dull-looking skin as debris, pollution, and other ick can build up on your skin, affecting your beard negatively.

Bonus Tip

You Have Not Been Using The Essential Products

By its very nature, washing takes away some of the natural oils that your skin needs to function correctly. No matter how gentle the wash is, your skin and beard will probably feel a little dry after. You need to moisturize after washing to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier against damaging microorganisms and water loss, this aids in rehydrating the skin. When it comes to moisturizing and conditioning your beard, Groomed Conditioning Balm is the best you can use. You can also splash some drops of our Beard Growth serum for extra length and fluff.


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