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The Basic Grooming Tools for a Quick Hair/Beard Trim

Getting an emergency haircut is one circumstance we can’t always predict when we’ll be in. So, having the basic grooming tools never really goes out of need.

Even when you can’t visit a barber shop as soon as you want to; keeping your hair and facial hair well-styled, all the time, should be a top priority this year. It’s not as difficult as you may think, all you need to do is have the right tools, whether you are an amateur or a pro.

Wondering what those are? Well, here are the must-have items for a quick hair trim:

Electric Clipper

Every haircut needs an electric clipper or trimmer. The clipper guards help style the hair and create a unique design. As the blades smoothly run along the contours of the head, they trim the hair without pulling the follicles out of the scalp. Smooth and easy!

Brushes and Combs

Hair and beard brush, pocket comb, steel comb are all essential for detangling your hair and beard before trimming, while the duster brush helps brush out hair residue from your skin, to avoid itching.


A portable stainless barber scissors is used to easily style, groom, trim and shape your beard & mustache whilst on the go. Trimming your beards and cutting off those excess hair strands gives it a clean finishing.

A detailed haircut video

Before you start cutting, if it’s your first time, it’s best to watch a tutorial video for guidance.

Keeping your hair and beards trimmed at the comfort of your home is pure bliss, but it does not rule out the importance of visiting the barbershop regularly. This way, doing a DIY when necessary becomes less tedious.

We have all these tools included in our grooming kit that contains beard brush, hair shampoo, beard shampoo, beard serum, beard conditioning balm and other amazing items that will help you maintain a good looking beard and hair, any day and time. Visit groomedbyelereka to purchase our products or book an appointment now.

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