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Why You Should Take Facials Seriously


It’s not just about getting “pampered” or “relaxed” when you get a facial treatment. While these are all nice to have, facial treatments genuinely help patients by removing impurities and dirt and improving their skin’s appearance.

The majority of males believe that getting a facial and applying cosmetics is something that only women should do. This is why, even if they require one, they refuse to get it. Facials are not just for women; it is designed for everyone.

In their daily activities, men get more sun exposure than women. Men’s skin is also more susceptible to UV damage due to their bigger pores and coarser skin. A male facial is strongly advised as a result of this.

What exactly is a facial?

A facial is a type of skin care therapy. It is performed by a qualified professional who cleans the pores, exfoliates the dead skin cells, and uses a facial mask to treat common skin disorders. It’s made to nourish and renew your skin, making it look younger and healthier.

What Is the Best Time to Get a Facial?

The good news is that you don’t need to have a facial on a regular basis to see improvements. You can have a facial every 4 to 6 weeks or as the season changes (that will count as 4 times a year). This will offer you a fresh start each season and prepare your skin for environmental changes.

Why Should You Get a Facial?

Helps unclog pores and reduce pore size

Facials can aid in the unclogging of pores and the reduction of pore size. It can aid in the prevention of subsequent skin issues such as skin tags, age spots, breakouts, and other issues. Even if you have dry skin, there are facials that can help you stay moisturized.

Facials Are Better Than Pore Strips 

In many facials, extraction is a part of receiving a deep and complete cleanse. It occurs when your facialist manually eliminates blackheads, securely bursts zits, and removes any other pustules that may be causing your pores to clog.

However, it is not the same as manually squeezing a pimple on your face. Your skincare specialist performs the procedure safely to reduce the danger of scarring or long-term harm. After your pores are clear, your facialist might clean them out using alpha-hydroxy acids or retinol. This reduces the appearance of pore size and improves the tone and appearance of your skin.

Better Shaving Experience

No matter how often a man shaves, he will still experience razor-like discomfort, razor burn, and inflammation on his skin. Shaving adverse effects can be addressed with facial treatments, leaving you with softer skin. You’ll get a better shave if your skin is smooth.

Exfoliation will be included as part of the facial treatment to assist prepare the skin for the release of any ingrown hairs. That means no more annoying ingrown hairs that result in acne or other unsightly markings.

Helps You Understand Your Skin Better

An expert esthetician makes it their business to learn everything there is to know about your skin and how to solve the issues that you are most concerned about. They can teach a man how to best care for his face if he has no knowledge of skin care or how to care for his skin. They can recommend various facial treatments, as well as professional products and how to apply them.

Following a face treatment, it is critical to maintain a regular skincare routine. Improving your skin’s appearance might make you feel more confident and self-assured.

At Groomed by Elereka, we are dedicated to giving you the best facial treatment you deserve. Book an appointment to kickstart your journey to better skin.




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